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July 6, 2017

Dengue fever is one among the worst viral infections afflicting millions of people around the globe, every year. This disease is spread through mosquitoes but mortality rate is low. This disease of the tropics has now become endemic to over 100 countries worldwide.

Symptoms of dengue include body aches, sudden onset of fever, muscle pains, headaches and skin rash resembling that of measles. Only 5% of patients show serious symptoms and 1% prove fatal.

 There are no sure-fire medical treatments for cure of dengue, but there are some home and ayurvedic remedies to reduce the harmful symptoms of the disease. For instance, some people swear by using giloy juice for dengue.

Some such  home remedies for dengue are as follows:

  • Barley grass:

It has distinct ability to substantially increase the blood platelet count of the body by enhancing the production of blood cells. Drinking barley tea raises blood platelet count.

  • Golden seal:

Homeopathic doctors swear by this substance to reduce symptoms of dengue and remove the virus from the body. Golden seal eases chills, nausea, fever and vomiting.

  • Water:

Due to bodily exertion, excessive sweating and internal damage due to dengue, it is common to have extreme dehydration. Experts suggest that one must drink as much water as possible to keep the body hydrated. It will also ease muscle cramps and headaches.

  • Neem leaves

It  is a highly medicinal plant and is recommended  for many ailments including dengue fever. Drinking brew of neem leaves has proved to raise platelet count as well as count of white blood cells.

  • Papaya leaves

Though the mechanism is not evident, papaya leaves are famous as a natural cure for dengue fever. Organic compounds and nutrients in papaya can raise platelet count and Vitamin C  content stimulates the immune system. Pure juice can be extracted from leaves.

  • Giloy juice: Giloy is Guduchi or Tinosporia Cordifolia, an Ayurvedic herb called also as nectar for its medicinal properties. Giloy helps control recurrent fevers. Since it has natural anti-pyretic qualities, it can lower signs and symptoms of various life threatening conditions like Malaria, Swine flu and Dengue fever. Hence some experts suggest consuming of giloy juice for dengue.

 A fact to be noted with home remedies is that they are not substitutes for normal medical treatment of Dengue but only complementary.

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