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AVG Amla Vital Green

AVG Amla Vital Green
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AVG Herbal Ras- Green Ways For your Smart Health

"Unique & High Potency Herbal Extracts Derived From Green, Fresh, Ethnic & Oriented Quality Herbs Processed & Fortified with Fruit, Food, Rare Himalayan and Forest Herbs, Herbal Nectars and Fibers"

AVG Amla Vital Green                         

                                                   Jo Pee Gaya...

        Woh Jee Gaya....           

Feel the Wholesomeness, Nectors and Fibres of Fresh and Green Amla

“Health Ka Great Logic” “For Your Wholesome Health”

First Corrects the Corrupt System, Enabling you to get full value from your food and medicines.

Helps to Balance all physical, Processes in body i.e. movement, circulation, Transformation and Excretion. 

It Helps to Detoxify & Cleanse Total Physology from all Toxins, Mucus and Waste Matter

Being prepared from natural ingredients, it is completely effective in providing you the desired results, without you facing any side effects.

The experts prescribe you to take this healthy herbal tonic every day.

Start the day with AVG

Finish the day With AVG

Why take AVG?

Amla Vital Green is, undoubtedly, “Health ka Suraksha Kavach.” Anyone and everyone can consume it regularly and enjoy having a holistic health and healthy lifestyle. It not only works as medicine for the body but also as nutrition for the body.

Consuming AVG does help to rectify the body’s internal system. This is performed by Rejuvenation, Detoxification and Balancing the internal system. Using this product, you can help you feel younger, and also avert all major diseases such as cardiac problems, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, weakness, urinary problems, reproductive weakness, indigestion, liver problems, constipation, gas, IBS, piles, joint pains, skin problems, hair problems, arthritis, etc. from affecting you at all times.

This product is also fabulous for children for their balanced and healthy growth. Since it has plenty of benefits, you can order for Amla Vital Green now! Why to delay, when you have your “real and natural bodyguard” to keep fit and healthy in your hands!!

It is Anti-Oxidant, De-toxicant, Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Stress, Anti-disease and Anti-Ageing

Holistic Health Now at Your Door Step

You may be wondering why you should consider taking the Amla Vital Green! If you are confused and not able to make a decision, then this overview will help you to understand better the benefits of AVG and why you should avail one now!!

Ingredients used

AVG is known to comprise entirely fresh green amla(Indian Gooseberry) having all its nectar and fiber intact, being enriched with Tulsi(Sacred Basil) and green elaichi(Cardamom) in small amounts. They are regarded to be a unique combo that offers the user with both medicinal and nutritional values, something that you can enjoy on consuming it on a daily basis. Also, you can enjoy better health, attain and regain energy, youthfulness, increase energy and longevity while managing the majority of the modern day lifestyle related diseases.

Why is Amla used in AVG and what are its benefits?

Amla is a wonderful fruit that is available in plenty. It is regarded to be a powerful, natural fruit that is full of Vitamin C, something that everyone requires on a daily basis. Although there are several fruits present that do offer your body with Vitamin C but Amla fruit is considered to be the best and is a wonderful antioxidant. It is, for this reason, it helps to combat the free radicals successfully when detoxifying the body. This fruit also rejuvenates your body and stabilizes it. Amla has low sugar level and fiber content. Your body is to intake balanced food for obtaining optimum benefits. By consuming Amla juice every day, your absorption and digestion rate is increased, helping you to be in good health. Furthermore, it helps the digestive system to become much healthier and stronger while improving overall immunity. Amla Vital Green is not only improves body's metabolism but also balances three humors of body namely Kapha, Pitta and Vata and reconstructs and improve seven tissues(Dhatus) of body namely Rasa Dhatu(Plasma Tissue), Rakta Dhatu(Blood Tissue), Mamsa Dhatu(Muscle Tissue), Medas Dhatu(Fat Tissue), Asthi Dhatu(Bones Tissue), Majja Dhatu(Nerve Tissue) and Shukra Dhtau(Reproductive Tissue) or Ojas


Anyone can consume Amla Vital Green with Water for good health.

  • For children above 5 years old, pregnant women or lactating mothers should consult doctors before taking Amla Vital Green.
  • For adults over the age of 15+ are to have 10 to 15 ml.
  • Or as Advised by your Doctor

If you desire, you can have sugar, honey, salt, jeera, soda water, kali mirich, sunthi, etc. added for not only enhancing taste, depending on your personal preference, but also improving its medicinal value.

AVG Amla Vital Green- Your true health Partner!


Disclaimer -

This Product is an Ayurvedic formulation. In association with the product, Healtheveryday makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, of title, or of noninfringement of third party rights. Use of the product by a user is at the user’s risk. 

Amla Vital Green

Anti Stress : Anti Fatigue : Anti Ageing : Detoxicant : Anti Oxidant

The best things beneficial for our health are natural items. The western medicines have side effects and so many people shun them. Here we see one of the big players in the field of Ayurveda, Amla. This is one of the three ingredients in the famed Triphala health preparation. The benefits of Amla show why it is revered in the Indian medicine industry.

Good for dealing with inflammation

It is difficult to deal with joint pains. Joint pains happen when the mobility of the joints decreases due to old age. This leads to many diseases. One of the common complaints of the older generation is arthritis. The joints remain stiff and the person experiences pain. Amla helps reduce the inflammation and the pain.

Strengthens heart health

When you have Amla extract or juice regularly, the cardiac problems decreases. The bad cholesterol levels decrease and cholesterol comes under control.

Helps keep control over the blood sugar levels

By improving the rate of metabolism, the diabetes can be brought under control. The Amla fruit has plenty of fibre content. This removes unwanted food particles in the intestines and improves bowel movement. The chemicals in Amla mimic the action of insulin and this brings the sugar levels down.

Good for weight watchers

If you have Amla on a regular basis, it stimulates the digestion of the fat and increases the rate of the metabolic activity. The obesity stays reduced and one begins to experience better health.

Veritable storehouse of nutrients

Amla has plenty of nutritious ingredients that include iron, phosphorus, calcium, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and carotene. If you have Amla regularly, you become strong and the weakness in your body disappears. The high levels of vitamins give the fruit strong antioxidant properties.

Strengthens the bladder

The Amla improves the bladder function and flushes the toxins. This helps clear urinary problems. By disposing of the toxins and wastes that would have otherwise accumulated in the body, the Amla helps deal with liver problems.

Clears the GI tract

By improving the bowel movement, the Amla fruit helps clean the gastrointestinal tract of leftover food and bacteria. This helps in reducing the gas formed in the intestines. So, you get relief from bloating and flatulence.

Relieves symptoms of haemorrhoids

If you suffer from piles, try Amla juice for a week. Take it morning and night and see the result. You will notice an appreciable improvement in the symptoms.

Good beauty treatment solution:

For Skin

The benefits of Amla juice for skin vitality and preservation is listless. Collagen helps in the development of new cells. It is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is a part of the skin and hair. Extracts of Amla are rich in Vitamin A, which is essential to produce collagen. The presence of Vitamin C helps make the skin youthful and bouncy. It helps you deal with all kinds of skin problems without any trouble.

For Hair

You can use Amla juice for hair regrowth because it has vital ingredients that support scalp health. The keratin helps to make new hair and repair hair damage. This takes care of the major portion of the hair problems. To use Amla juice for hair, take the juice of the Amla fruit and mix with the crushed leaves of the henna plant. Add hibiscus leaves and boil in gingelly oil. Filter this oil and store in bottles for later use.

You can see the benefits of Amla juice for hair within a week of beginning the application. The hair develops volume and the breakages become lesser. Therefore, many people use Amla juice for hair growth. This is an expensive solution for getting good strong and lustrous hair.

Amla in normal doses does not have any side effects. But, if you should develop allergic reactions or fever due to the use of the fruit or its extract, you should discontinue use. Some people experience diarrhoea when they have Amla.

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