Ayurvedic Management of Diabetes- AVG Vaidhyam Amrit plus

ayurvedic management of diabetes

Ayurvedic Management of Diabetes :- Diabetes is a common problem among all the age group persons. The persons who are near 40 or above, the risk of getting diabetes problem is high. Diabetes is a lifelong disease in which our body glucose, sugar gets disturbed. The causes of diabetes are hereditary, unhealthy diet, excess consumption of junk food, wrong lifestyle. There are 2 types of diabetes- first, when our body isn’t produce any insulin and the other one when our body don’t able to produce enough insulin so that our body can function properly. The basic issues that diabetic person face are thirsty feeling, weight gain or weight loss, excess urine, wounds or cuts doesn’t heal easily.

Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes through AVG Vaidhyam amrit plus is very beneficial. AVG vaidhyam amrit plus includes neem, karela, jamun. These three are the basic ingredients of vaidhyam amrit plus. They have an antidiabetic property that helps in treating the diabetes problem.

ayurvedic management of diabetes

  1. Antidiabetic property: – Vaidhyam amrit plus is best to treat diabetes as it has neem, karela, jamun that has antidiabetic property. It helps in maintaining the glucose level in our body. It is beneficial for both types diabetes and to other problems that cause due to diabetes.
  2. Manage glucose metabolism: – Vaidhyam amrit plus helps in managing the glucose metabolism in our body. It contains natural herb like neem which helps in regulating the glucose level and rejuvenates our body. Citrulline present in karela helps to maintain the protein and nutrition. This will ultimately increase the energy.
  3. Maintain sugar level: – Vaidhyam amrit plus maintain the sugar level in our body. With the small amount of insulin, it helps to regulate the sugar in the body. It controls the sugar level by producing insulin to our body cells. It has no side effects and no chemical products are added to it.
  4. Boosts immunity power: – When a person suffers from diabetes problem then the basic problem he faces is the weakness or low energy level. Vaidhyam amrit plus helps to fight the problem caused due to diabetes. It helps to boost the energy level and rejuvenates the body cells.
  5. Improves overall health: – The cells that provide energy to the body gets damaged due to diabetes and affects the production of insulin in our body. It helps to produce glucose which in turn keeps us healthy and fit.
  6. Antioxidants: – Petunidin in karela which is an oxidant which prevents from damage caused due to free radicals. It helps to strengthen the cells and vitamins helps to maintain the sugar level. Karela and jamun are the best to control diabetes. Vaidhyam amrit plus is a mixture of karela and jamun which is very beneficial for health.


AVG vaidhyam amrit plus is an ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. Karela and jamun which is bitter in taste and it is very healthy. They not only control diabetes but also improve the cholesterol level and heart related diseases. It helps in boosting the energy level and suppresses the hunger which will decrease the sugar level in our body.


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