How to remove kidney stones naturally

How to remove kidney stones naturally


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January 24, 2018

How to remove kidney stones naturally – The kidney is the main organ of our body which helps to remove the liquid waste material from our body. It filters the impurities from the blood. When waste materials come together they can form a solid mass which is known as the kidney stone. The size may be different i.e. small or big.

Sometimes stones come out through urine automatically by drinking lot of water but when they don’t come out then the pain arises. Stone in the kidney is a very common problem. Due to environmental factors, the stone in the kidney develops in which a person experience pain, frequent urine, vomiting. Surgery is recommended by several doctors but here are some natural remedies that help to remove the stones from the kidney.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the best remedy to dissolve kidney stone. The chemical composition and citric acid present in apple cider vinegar helps to soften the stone and helps to easily pass out from our body. It not only dissolves the stone but also helps to prevent the formation of stone in our body. It helps to produce the hydrochloric acid in the body that helps to reduce the formation of kidney stones and helps in the passing of stones easily from our body. The acid included in the vinegar helps to dissolve the stone at the beginning stage of the stone.

How to remove kidney stones naturally with Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a fruit which is very healthy and delicious. The antioxidants present in pomegranate helps to reduce the cholesterol, increase hemoglobin, detoxify the kidney. This fruit helps to manage the acid level in our body. It cures the acidity problem which in turn helps in dissolving the stones easily. Pomegranate is rich in potassium that helps to prevent the stones to develop. The astringent property in this helps to flush out the stones from kidney and keep the urinary system healthy.

Lemon and olive oil

Lemon contains citric acid which helps to dissolve the stones from the kidney. Olive oil contains greasiness that helps to pass out the stones from the body very easily. Consumption of both lemon and olive oil helps to break down the stones and also provides lubrication which gives a smooth passage to the stones to come out from urethra very easily. A kidney stone contains calcium oxalate which can only be dissolved by citric acid which is mainly present in the lemon.


Watermelon is the fruit which is used for removing the kidney stones. It contains the highest level of water which helps to flush out the stones from the kidney without any pain. Watermelon contains potassium which helps in removing even the small stones very fastly and easily.

It helps in maintaining the acidic balance in our body which will help in dissolving the stones. Watermelon is diuretic which helps in flushing of stones from the kidney. The seeds of watermelon improve our digestive system. It acts as a detoxifier and removes all the waste material from the kidney including stones.

How to remove kidney stones naturally with Radish

From our elders, we have often listened that radish is well known to remove the stones from the kidney. It helps to detoxify the kidney and remove the excess waste from the body. It improves the digestion and urinary system. The anti-inflammatory property of radish prevents the formation of new stones in the kidney and removes all the waste material from the kidney.

Radish is rich in fiber, vitamins, folic acid, calcium and oil which help in cleaning of the kidney and urinary infections. Radish juice helps to break down the stones and prevents the formation of potassium helps in reducing the calcium from urine.

Kidney beans

The perfect answer for How to remove kidney stones naturally is Kidney beans, which seem like kidney and also known for removal of kidney stones. Kidney beans are the rich source of minerals, fiber, vitamins which helps to clean the kidney and keep urinary system healthy.

Helps to function the urinary system effectively. It contains magnesium that helps in removal of stones from kidney without much pain. Magnesium helps to prevent the calcium to combine with oxalate to form stones in kidney. They are rich in amino acids that keep kidney healthy and treats all the kidney diseases.

The kidney stone can be removed naturally without using any chemical based medicines. AVG kidney and stone care tonic is a natural drink which keeps you healthy and keeps you away from several diseases. Consuming AVG tonic daily will keeps your day healthy and removes stones from kidney. AVG drink contains all these natural ingredients that remove the stones and stop the formation of new ones. Kidney related all the problems can be cured by AVG tonic drink.

It helps to break down the stones and makes it easy to pass out from the body. It is the extract of fruits, food which contains several vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium that all helps to remove the stones from kidney. AVG kidney and stone care tonic drink is a natural based drink that cures the kidney stones.


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