How to lose weight with amla juice

How to lose weight with amla juice


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February 12, 2018

Lose Weight with Amla Juice

Many people face the problem of weight gain, not only women but also the men and kids are facing weight gaining problem. Some of them gain weight due to the genetic problem and others due to their lifestyle pattern and diet chart. Amla as an antioxidant packed with several nutrients, vitamins are not only good for skin but also helps to remove fat from the body and keep the body fit and in shape. Weight gain is a global problem which can be reduced by drinking amla juice regularly. It helps to get our proper body shape again and keep us healthy and fit. In today’s lifestyle, it is very difficult to follow a particular diet chart and do a lot of exercises for weight loss. So, besides doing this we can consume amla daily and can keep fit and maintain our body weight. Some of the amla juice benefits for weight loss are as follows:-

  1. Promotes metabolism: – The weight can be loosed by increasing the metabolism in our body. A boost in the metabolism helps to reduce the weight. Amla juice on an empty stomach is the best drink through which we can increase the metabolism in our body and manage our weight. Drinking amla juice in morning helps to break down all the protein, nutrients, contained in the food, which in turn boost the metabolism and frequently lose the weight.
  2. Body detox: – The vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants in amla helps to reduce the toxins from our body which in turn helps in losing weight. Amla juice also helps in the proper digestion of food through which weight can’t be gained and we can remain fit and in a proper shape. Detoxication can be fulfilled by consuming amla which helps in weight loss.
  3. Rejuvenates body: – Amla juice is a natural energy booster drink which provides energy while doing exercise for weight loss. Whenever we feel low or energy level goes down then amla juice helps to increase the energy level and rejuvenates our body. A lot of energy can keep us fit and active which indirectly helps in weight loss.
  4. Natural vitamins and nutrients: – Amla juice contains natural nutrients and vitamins which help to fight against several diseases. It treats skin, hair and all the health related problems. As amla juice is rich in several nutrients and vitamins which are beneficial for weight loss. It helps in curing diabetes, cancer, constipation i.e. provides overall good health.
  5. Improve digestion: – Amla juice is helpful in improving the digestive system. It helps to digest the food and remove all the waste material from our body which helps to maintain the weight and weight loss. It helps in breaking down of protein from the food which ultimately provides energy to the body and helps in weight loss.


From ancient times, people consume amla for their good health. Amla is a nutritional fruit which helps in increasing the energy level of our body and provides vitamins, calcium. The antioxidants property of amla helps in improving the immune system or digestive system. By consuming amla juice regularly helps in weight loss and prevents the accumulation of fat in our body. Amla juice helps to regain and maintain the body shape. Amla helps in weight loss, eyesight problem, skin and hair problem.



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