How Triphala Helps to Weight Loss

triphala for weight loss


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March 9, 2018

Triphala For Weight Loss

Triphala is a natural ayurvedic treatment which is used for weight loss. Triphala contains three fruits which are Amla, Behada and Harada. The combination of these three fruits helps us to stay fit and in shape. Triphala removes toxins from the body and keeps our immune system healthy. The three fruits are:-

Amla is rich in vitamins C which boosts the immune system and has a laxative property. It is very well known for its healing properties. It removes the excess fat and balances the blood sugar level.

Haritkari helps the stomach, intestine, liver to function properly. As it is rich in nutrition so helps to improve the deficiency of nutrition, vitamins in our body.

Bibhitaki is popularly used to wound heal and helps in reducing the cold, fever, cough problems.

For weight loss, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet and do regular exercise. It helps to digest the food properly and eliminate the waste material from body. It strengthens the colon which in turn helps to fight constipation. Triphala helps to keep our stomach and intestine healthy.

How Does Triphala Help You Lose Weight?

  1. Improves constipation: – Triphala increases the digestive enzymes in the stomach which helps to digest the food and removes the waste material from our body. It helps to improve the bowel movement which improves constipation. It has an anti inflammatory property which rejuvenates the immune system.


  1. Tones the colon: – Triphala acts as a colon toner which strengthens the tissues of the colon. The healthy colon helps in weight loss. Triphala enhances the peristalses which help in reducing the weight and eliminate all the waste products.


  1. Detoxify the body: – Triphala has antioxidants, anti inflammatory, antidiabetic properties which help to detoxify the body. The Bibhitaki fruit present in triphala is very effective in weight loss and rejuvenates our body by detoxifying qualities. It acts as a natural detoxifier. For a proper bowel movement, it is necessary to remove toxins from the body. It detoxifies the liver, stomach and intestine.


  1. Provides energy: – For weight loss, it is necessary to do regular exercise but for this, it requires a lot of energy. Triphala helps to boost the energy level and helps to remain active throughout the day. Triphala is rich in nutrition which helps to give a proper amount of nutrition time to time. Through this, we can attain weight loss.


  1. Overeating: – Triphala helps to overcome the problem of overeating or eating frequently. As it cleans all the toxins from the body and helps to intake all the nutrition from the food. The unwanted waste is eliminated and the entire nutritional product is taken into the body system which helps to reduce the overeating problem and makes our stomach full. The poor digestive system converts all the food into fat which in turn gives weight gain problem.


  1. Lubricant: – Triphala provides a lubricant which helps in improving the bowel movement. It has a laxative property which increases the digestive enzymes and provides smooth muscles of the digestive system. The improved digestive system helps in weight loss by not combining the food products to form a fat in our body.


Triphala is an herbal remedy for weight loss. It doesn’t show effects in a few days as it takes time for weight loss. Triphala shows magic when it is taken while following a healthy diet plan and doing regular exercise. By reducing the weight it also helps to reduce the cholesterol level, sugar level. The folic acid, Gallic acid present in the Triphala helps to reduce the acidity, gastic issues. Consuming it regularly helps to rejuvenate the body, detoxify and improves the overall health. The effective functioning of the digestive system helps to treat the several problems and one of them is weight loss can be attained.



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