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Secret tips of drinking Neem, Karela and Jamun juice for obesity

Secret tips of drinking Neem, Karela and Jamun juice for obesity

Obesity is a condition in which a person gains excess fat in the body which shows negative effect on our health. People get obese when their body mass index gets high and unable to perform their regular work. Obesity generally caused due to excess food intake, lack of exercise or physical activity, genetic or due to any diseases symptoms. Obesity can treat by changing the diet, exercising, avoid eating the junk food or high fat consumed food. Consume the energy providing drinks and food items which can provide proper nutrition to the body.


The ayurvedic treatment for obesity is neem, jamun and karela juice. The combinations of these three herbs do wonders with the health. They not only help to cure obesity but also cure various problems related to our health. Karela which is known as bitter gourd has bitter taste and contains several nutrition and therapeutic elements which shows beneficial effects to our health. Jamun is a fruit which has vitamin C, B, A, calcium, phosphorus, manganese which helps in treating several diseases. Neem is an herb which has antibacterial, antifungal properties that help to kill all the bacteria from our body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for obesity with Neem, Karela and Jamun Juice

  1. Less calorie – Neem, Karela, Jamun juice contains less calorie which helps in curing obesity. This juice helps in providing proper nutrition with less calorie consumption to the body. It is rich in dietary fiber.


  1. Nutritious drink – This is known as nutritious drink as it contains several nutrients, vitamins, calcium, magnesium which helps in fulfilling the deficiency of nutrition in the body. The juice contains twice the calcium element of spinach and twice the potassium of banana.


  1. Weight loss – Drinking the neem, karela, jamun juice on an empty stomach helps in removing the excess weight. It increases the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body which enhances the loss of weight. It also acts as a detoxifier which removes all the unwanted material from the body.


  1. Antibacterial property – As neem, karela, jamun juice has antibacterial and antifungal property that helps in killing the bad bacteria from our body and helps in curing obesity. The antibacterial property keeps our body bacterial and fungal free and makes us fit and healthy.


  1. Maintains sugar level – Sometimes obesity problem arises due to increase in the blood sugar level. It can only be cured when our sugar level gets down and this juice helps in curing the obesity problem. It increases the beta cells in pancreas and these cells help in secreting insulin. When insulin gets high then blood sugar level goes down and then obesity will automatically get decrease.


  1. Improves immunity: – Neem, karela and jamun have antioxidants which enhances the body metabolism to fight with the disease. It prevents our liver, stomach, kidney through several diseases. Consuming juice regularly protects the body from various diseases and their infections.


  1. Digestion: – This juice enhances the bile secretion which facilitates healthy digestion. Karela has anthelmintic property that protects the gut from infections of worms and encourages good bacteria and remove bad bacteria from the body. This can help in treating obesity problem.


  1. Reduces fat: – Neem, karela, jamun juice helps in reducing the excess fat from the body. It contains alkaloids, fatty acids which prevent in the formation of fat. The obesity can be managed by drinking this juice regularly and reducing the body fat. The stomach helps in consuming the nutrients from the food and flush off all the waste from the body through which fat cannot be formed in the body.


jamun neem karela for digestionDrinking the neem, karela, jamun juice regularly helps to fight with the diseases and provides energy. It provides overall good health and useful for glowing and clear skin.


Wonderful benefits of Giloy for Dengue Treatment

Wonderful benefits of Giloy for Dengue Treatment

Wonderful benefits of Giloy for Dengue Treatment :- Dengue is one of the dangerous diseases in the world. Dengue is transmitted from the bite of mosquito. As there is no scientific treatment of dengue and it can only be known by reading the blood platelet of a patient. It is a very deadly disease if not treated at the proper time. The warning signs or symptoms of dengue are vomiting, fever, nose bleeding, abdominal pain, decrease in the platelet count, swollen glands, nausea, headaches. When it becomes severe it causes stomach pain, bleeding gums, breathing problem, cold, irritation and bleed during urine.

Giloy is an herb which is used in ayurveda from centuries. Giloy is an anti-inflammatory herb which is also known as Guduchi or Amrita. The stem of giloy is used in treating several diseases like swine flu, fever, malaria, urinary tract infections and many more. It has antipyretic, antibacterial, antifungal properties that help to kill the bad bacteria from the body and prevent from infections.


   Giloy for Dengue Treatment

  1. Enhance macrophages: – The ayurvedic herb giloy has the ability to kill the cells which increases the foreign bodies’ cell in our body. It enhances the killing ability of macrophages. Giloy helps to decrease the rate of bacteria formation and reduces the effect caused by the bacteria.


  1. Reduce infection: – Giloy has antispasmodic property which helps in treating the infection caused due to the dengue. It treats the symptoms of dengue and prevents the formation of infection in the body. The bitter taste of giloy provides relief from the pain caused by dengue.


  1. Increase the blood count: – In starting stage of dengue, giloy cures the fever and increase the blood platelet count. It lowers down the body temperature and also protects the liver from the infection. The antioxidants purify the blood naturally and also detoxify.


  1. Improves immune system: – Giloy is a herb which improves our immune system naturally by increasing the white blood cells in our body. The antiperiodic property prevents from recurrence of this infectious disease.


  1. Detoxify: – It act as a detoxifying agent. It removes all the harmful and waste material from our body. It flushes out all the waste products from kidney and liver. It clears all the toxins from our body. The cleansing property of giloy helps our body to fight against bacteria that causes the diseases and infections in our body.


  1. Cures fever: – Giloy is a trusted herb to cure all kinds of fever. It proves best to cure the fever to the dengue or chikungunya patients. The antipyretic nature of giloy herb is used to overcome the symptoms of dengue disease. Consumption of giloy helps to increase the blood platelets which reduce the effects of fever from the body.


  1. Boost immunity: – The giloy contains vital minerals, vitamins, nutrients, calcium, glycosides, alkaloids which flushes out all the waste material from the body and boost the immunity power. The weakness due to dengue can be treated by using giloy as it fulfills all the nutrients needed to our body and enhances immunity.


  1. Reduces symptoms: – Giloy has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory property that reduces the symptoms of dengue. The effects that formed by dengue disease can be cured by consumption of giloy. It provides relief in the stomach, abdominal pain by flushing out all the toxins from the body and detoxifies the liver and stomach.

giloy for dengueIn this article, we have mentioned how giloy is useful in treating dengue. It is a very infectious disease which should be treated by the time otherwise it will become deadly diseases and it cannot be treated properly. It helps to maintain a balance between all the three doshas that keep our body fit and healthy.


Ayurvedic Herbs for arthritis of foot and ankle

Ayurvedic Herbs for arthritis of foot and ankle

Amazing ayurvedic tips for arthritis:- Arthritis ankle pain is a very common in people of any age group. Foot and ankle are the main part which bears our whole body weight. Pain and stiffness in ankle and foot is a common problem to those who are always up on their feet. They should be treated at a proper time otherwise it can get serious. Arthritis of ankle and foot can restrict them to work properly. The factors that can cause arthritis foot and ankle are unfitting of footwear, high heels, climbing stairs, weakness in bones and improper flow of blood.


Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis foot and ankle can help in providing relief from pain and symptoms of arthritis and also strengthen the muscles. They are natural and have no side effects so it can be used by anyone and it reduces the pain and provides relief.

Ayurvedic Herbs for arthritis

  1. Shallaki – Shallaki also known as Boswellia is an herb which is used in ayurveda to make medicines. It helps in reducing the pain caused by arthritis in foot and ankle. It has anti-inflammatory property that helps in improving the muscles and ensures proper flow of blood in the joints of ankle and foot.


  1. Ginger – Ginger helps in the production of prostaglandins and leukotrienes which are related to our muscles and joints. It provides relief in the pain of ankle and foot by healing the inflammation. When ginger is mixed with honey and turmeric then it cures the arthritis of foot and ankle quickly and reduces the mild joint pain.


  1. Oil massage – There are several herbal oil that can be used for arthritis of foot and ankle like mustard oil or orthotic oil. Massaging oil to the ankle or foot can rebuild the cartilages and strengthen the muscles for stronger foot and ankle. They help to lose the tightened tissues of foot and ankle and increase the blood circulation in our feet.


  1. Coriander seeds – It is a very popular ayurvedic treatment for foot and ankle pain. It has anti-inflammatory property and helps in reducing the pain and swelling in the foot and ankle. The arthritis of foot and ankle can be treated by consuming coriander seeds.
  1. Proper diet – Due to imbalance in the vata, pitta, kapha dosha causes several problems in the body. During arthritis problem one should avoid eating the animal foods, citrus foods and try to consume the foods that are rich in carbohydrates, omega 3, fatty acids. The nutritious food helps in providing nutrition to the body and energy to fight with the problems.


  1. Ashwagandha: – Ashwagandha is a herb which has anti arthritic property which treats the arthritis problem. Consumption of ashwagandha can provide relieve in the swelling and pain due to arthritis. It strengthens the muscles and joints by repairing the damaged tissues of foot and ankle.


  1. Guggul – Guggul is a sticky gum which is used in treating arthritis of foot and ankle. It contains healing property that reduces the pain and swelling in the foot and ankle. The antioxidants present in guggal improve the immune system and fights with the inflammation.


  1. Triphala – Triphala consists of three fruits amla, bibhitaki and haritaki. These all have the anti-inflammatory, antiarthritic, antibacterial property that helps in treating the arthritis of foot and ankle. They help in repairing the damaged tissues of bone and repair them and strengthen the muscles and bones.


Ayurvedic Herbs for arthritis of foot and ankleThe ayurvedic treatment effects are long lasting and have no side effects. Some herbal remedies that can also provide relieve are massaging with ice can reduces the swelling and pain, do regular exercise. Exercise is the best way to stretch the muscles of foot and ankle.


Ayurvedic treatment for osteoporosis

Ayurvedic treatment for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease which makes our bones weak and increases the rate of fracture. It mainly decreases the density and strength of bones which results in fracture of bones. It means thinning of bones. This condition appears when there is a lack of minerals in the bones. In this, the bones become brittle, thin and fragile. The bones which are mainly affected by osteoporosis are hip, shoulder, wrist or spine. There are 2 types of osteoporosis- primary and secondary. Primary osteoporosis occurs in women after menopause and secondary osteoporosis affects the young and middle age persons. The causes of osteoporosis are a deficiency of calcium, hereditary, excess drinking of alcohol, smoking, arthritis, less physical activity. AVG Bones And Joints Care is the Ayurvedic treatment for osteoporosis.

There are several ayurvedic ways for the treatment of osteoporosis but some of them are as follows:-

  • Triphala: – Triphala is a combination of haritaki, amalaki, bibhitaki. Triphala is used to treat the bone disorders. The combination of three herbs makes it beneficial to treat the colon which helps in nourishing the bones and make it strong. It helps to treat the colon and it will be able to absorb all the nutrients which will help to strengthen the bones and make it strong.
  • Consumption of calcium: – In our daily diet it is very necessary to add calcium. Deficiency of calcium in our body leads to the osteoporosis problem. Almonds are the best for fulfilling the need of calcium. They help to strengthen the bones. Milk and almond both are very helpful to cure osteoporosis problem.
  • Amla: – Amla is a rich source of calcium, vitamin c, fiber, nutrients and minerals. Amla helps to repair the tissues of bone which makes bones strong. It stimulates the production of bone building cells which will help in strengthening of bones. Amla has 30% more vitamin C than oranges which help to prevent us from osteoporosis.
  • Fish oil: – Fish oil is also beneficial for osteoporosis. As fish oil contains a lot of calcium and vitamin D which helps to cure the bones. The fatty acid, omega 3, vitamin D content in fish oil helps to increase the bone density. Fish oil can help in the bone thinning problem and cure the osteoporosis problem.
  • Soy foods: – Soy is the best bone strengthener. As soy is rich in proteins, minerals which act as estrogen for the body. It is best for the women’s after menopause as the level of estrogens in the body gets decreases and can be taken into the level by consuming soy foods.
  • Broccoli: – Broccoli contains vitamin K which is very helpful in keeping bones healthy and strong. Due to lack of proper nutrients, minerals, vitamins, calcium in the body cause bone disorder and osteoporosis. Broccoli helps to provide sufficient vitamins to the bones so that they can become strong.
  • Eating banana:-Eating a banana in a day helps to make bones strong. In women’s hip and spine, bones can be stronger when there will be a proper amount of potassium in their body. Banana contains a lot of potassium which keeps bone building cells active and bones healthy.
  • Herbal remedy: – Make a combination of shatavri, vidari, wild yam, Kama duba helps in osteoporosis. When this mixture is taken with milk help in building the bones and makes them stronger. It helps in preventing osteoporosis.

ayurvedic treatment for osteoporosis

These are the ayurvedic ways for the treatment of osteoporosis. These all are the natural ways and have no side effects. Consuming a cup of yogurt in a day helps in providing nourishment to the bones. As the foods that are rich in calcium, vitamins are very helpful in treating osteoporosis. By consuming these products regular exercise can also be useful for strengthening bones.


Amazing benefits of Triphala for hair

Amazing benefits of Triphala for hair

Triphala is an amazing herb from ancient times. In Ayurveda, it is used for medicinal purposes. Triphala consists of three fruits- Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Each of these fruits has several health benefits and the combination of these fruits will be more effective and powerful herb. There is Amazing benefits of Triphala for hair. Triphala has antibacterial and antifungal component. It can boost our immunity and improves the overall body system functioning. It helps to detoxify our body and prevent us from several diseases. It helps treat the hair problems, skin problems and health-related problems.

Triphala for hair

The antioxidant property of triphala prevents the signs of aging, tightens the skin cells, removes pimples, graying of hair. Amla which is rich in vitamin c helps to boost the immunity which prevents the premature gray of hair. Bibhitaki helps in making the roots of hair strong and healthy and reduces the hair fall problem.


  1. Stimulate hair growth:-As we all know that the quality of hair shows our health condition. Triphala contains a fruit amla which is rich in vitamin c and keratin which is very helpful for the hair growth. When our body gets vitamins, protein, iron, potassium then it will help in the hair growth. Triphala provides fatty acids, vitamin B3 which helps the hair to get strong and healthy.


  1. Reduces hair fall -Deficiency of vitamin c, iron causes hair fall problem. As triphala contains large volume of vitamin c, protein, so by consuming triphala can reduce the hair fall problem. Hair fall increases due to stress, poor diet and triphala helps to reduce these problems.


  1. Reduce dandruff: – Dandruff involves flakes of skin that collect in the hair. Triphala has an antioxidant property which can be used to reduce dandruff. The major problem of dandruff is itchy and undernourished scalp. It helps to stimulate the oil glands and eliminate the dirt and dust from the hair.


  1. Provides shining to the hair: – Due to the direct effect of sun rays to the hair can damage them properly. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can takes away the natural moisture from the hair and leaves the hair dull and frizzy .As triphala contains amla, bibhitaki, haritaki which are full of nutrients, vitamins, proteins will help to cleanse our hair and leaves a smooth texture to the hair.


  1. Helps in premature graying: – Due to lack of time we all use dryers that cause dryness to the hair. Excessive use of blowers, hair curls, and coloring through chemicals takes all the natural color and oil from the hair. Triphala is antibacterial, by consuming triphala helps in the greyness of hair and makes it dark. When our hair follicle does not produce melanin then our hair color turns grey and triphala helps in formation of melanin.


  1. Thickening of hair: – Triphala contains amla which is a rich source of proteins, nutrients by consuming regularly helps to get thick and bouncy hair. Thinning of hair due to deficiency of nutrients in our diet and triphala helps to fulfill the deficiency of nutrition in our body.


  1. Healthy hair:-Triphala helps in providing healthy hair. As bibhitaki is best for providing strengthening to the hair and haritaki is best for the nourishment, reduces the risk of premature graying of hair and amla which is best for the moisturize and protect from the external damage to the hair.


Triphala is the best for treating damaged hair as it consists of three fruits which is beneficial for hair. Triphala provides nutrition, protein to us which in turn gives healthy hair. It is not only beneficial for our hair but also good for skin and health.



Special herbs to cure kidney stones

Special herbs to cure kidney stones

Special herbs to cure kidney stones. Kidney stones are basically the solid material deposited in the kidneys. The kidneys are the main organ of our body. They help to detox our body and remove all the impurities from the blood and pull out the waste material from our body. They help to pass on the waste material, excess water and toxins to the urinary tract which will flush them off through urine. Kidney stones occur due to the improper functioning of the kidneys in removing waste products and excess water. The unprocessed minerals, nutrients form stones in the kidneys.

The common symptoms of kidney stones are abdominal pain, pain during urine, excess sweating, nausea, fever, bleeding during urine. The size of the kidney stones may vary i.e. some may be small or some may be large. There are several medicines to remove stones from the kidney but natural way is the best to cure kidney stones. AVG Kidney and Stone Care contains natural herbs that help in curing kidney stones. The herbs that are included in AVG Kidney and Stone Care are as follows:-

Special herbs to cure kidney stones

kidney stones herbs

  1. Withania somnifera:-This herb belongs to the solanaceae family and in Hindi it is known as Ashwagandha. The antioxidants, bioactive compounds present in withania somnifera herb helps to stop increasing the free radicals formation and destroy them properly. It is diuretic and used in curing urinary problems. It helps to get rid from the urinary pain and abdominal pain. It has anti-inflammatory property which reduces the bacteria and waste material from the body.
  2. Commiphora mukul extract: – It is an herb which is used in ayurvedic medicine and also known as guggul gum. From ancient times this herb is known to dissolve the salts like calcium phosphate, calcium pyrophosphate which help in the formation of stones in the kidneys. It helps to provide relieve ion the pain caused by the kidney stones. It ensures the proper functioning of the immune system. It helps to eliminate the dead tissues, waste material, toxins from the body.
  3. Colchicum luteum:-It belongs to the liliaceae family. This herb acts as a laxative which helps in improving the digestive system. This ayurvedic herb used to treat all the kidney and liver related problems. This is the best for the patients who suffer from the urinary problems. This is used to absorb all the nutrients from the food and helps in digesting them properly. It helps in curing kidney stones by absorbing nutrients and eliminates the toxins from the body.
  4. Curcuma longa:- This is the herb which is also known as turmeric. It has anti-inflammatory property that helps to remove the stones from the kidneys. It helps to treat the chronic kidney diseases. It has the property that prevents the formation of stones by reducing the calcium to form calcium phosphate. It is the best tonic for blood purifier and cures all the stomach related problems. It helps to digest the food properly so that no stones can be formed in the kidneys.
  5. Zingiber officinale:-It is known as ginger in English. It helps to dissolve the kidney stones. It acts as a cleanser for the liver and kidney as it helps to clean all the bad bacteria from the kidney. It helps to cure the symptoms of kidney stones like nausea, vomiting. It helps with the indigestion problem. Improper digestion of food can lead to the formation of kidney stones and zingiber officinale helps in digesting the food and prevent the kidney stones.

6.       Pluchea Lanceolata:- This herb belongs to the asteraceae family. In Hindi, it is known as rayasan. The leaf and stem both are used for medicinal purposes. It helps in providing relief in

Benefits of Giloy and Amla in HIV

Benefits of Giloy and Amla in HIV

HIV means human immunodeficiency virus. HIV is a virus which attacks the immune cells, nervous and other systems which leads to improper functioning of the system. When HIV is not treated then it can cause AIDS which is a major problem. This virus infects all the organs of the body. Antiretroviral is a drug which helps to slow down the development of HIV virus and in the absence of this drug this virus infects quickly. The factors like age of the person, body’s ability to fight against the virus, other infections in the body etc will determine the rate of virus progress.

HIV virus can be transmitted through sexual, perinatal or blood. Through these, a person can be affected with the HIV virus. Some person with HIV disease has no symptoms and some may have symptoms like flu, fever, cold, joint pain, excess sweat, weakness, weight loss, rashes. If HIV virus is not treated on time then it can cause a major problem and the ability of the body to fight with infections gets weak. There is no proper treatment for HIV but it can be slow down the progression of the virus through some medicines or ayurvedic medicines. A proper medication at the first stage of HIV virus helps a person to live a long life.

Giloy and Amla are the Ayurvedic Treatment for HIV virus which can help to treat the virus in a natural way.

Benefits of Giloy and Amla in HIV

Giloy for the treatment of HIV

 Giloy is also known as Guduchi is an ayurvedic medicine. It is a natural herb which has heart shaped leaves and known as amrit. Giloy is best for the body’s reproductive organs and also used to treat various problems like jaundice, cold, cough, fever, tuberculosis. The plants stem is mainly used for medical purposes and has several health benefits. Giloy is used to cure infections in the body and improve the digestive system.


Giloy is very beneficial for the people who are suffering from HIV. Giloy is useful in treating other autoimmune disorders. Regular use of giloy will help in decreasing the symptoms related to HIV. It helps to improve the immune system of persons with HIV or other immune disorders. The side effects caused by HIV or other immune disorders can be treated by giloy. Around 60% of persons suffering from HIV feel relieved from the symptoms. Not only the stem of giloy but also the leaves are used in making medicines for the diseases. It is a natural herb which boosts the immune system and helps to fight against other diseases.

Amla for the treatment of HIV

 Amla or amalaki is widely used in ayurvedic medicines. Amla is a rich source of vitamin c which has more than 30 oranges. Several nutrients, calcium, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties are included which is beneficial for the good health. It is best for the anti aging, eyesight, hair problem, constipation, remove all the infections and improve the immune system. It has several benefits which can treat many diseases and increase the immunity power to fight the diseases.


Benefits of Giloy and Amla in HIVAmla can be used for treating HIV and other immune disorders. The basic side effect of HIV is increased cholesterol which can be reduced by Amla. Regular consumption of Amla in any form i.e. raw or juice will help to control the progression of HIV virus. It helps to cure the damaged cells caused by the infections and provides relief from the symptoms of HIV. It prevents the infection to damage the immune system. It boosts the immune system and helps to fight the symptoms of HIV.

Giloy and Amla is the natural way to treat the HIV. Daily consumption of these 2 herbs can help in decreasing the progression of virus infection in the immune system. It also provides energy to overcome the side effects of HIV virus and other immune disorders.