AVG Amla Vital Green

Amla is a wonderful fruit that is available in plenty. It is regarded to be a powerful, natural fruit that is full of Vitamin C and is an anti oxdant and for this reason, it helps to combat the free radicals successfully when detoxifying the body.
Amla has low sugar level and high fiber content. By consuming Amla juice every day, your absorption and digestion rate is increased, helping you to be in good health.
Amla Vital Green not only improves body’s metabolism but also balances three humors of body namely Kapha, Pitta and Vata and reconstructs and improve seven tissues(Dhatus) of body namely Rasa Dhatu(Plasma Tissue), Rakta Dhatu(Blood Tissue), Mamsa Dhatu(Muscle Tissue), Medas Dhatu(Fat Tissue), Asthi Dhatu(Bones Tissue), Majja Dhatu(Nerve Tissue) and Shukra Dhtau(Reproductive Tissue) or Ojas

Helps to Balance all physical, Processes in body i.e. movement, circulation, Transformation and Excretion.

It Helps to Detoxify & Cleanse Total Physology from all Toxins, Mucus and Waste Matter

Being prepared from natural ingredients, it is completely effective in providing you the desired results, without you facing any side effects.

The experts prescribe you to take this healthy herbal tonic every day.

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