Jamun Cider Vinegar

Jamun Cider Vinegar helps to improve appetite and acts as stomachic tonic. It increases the production of gastric juices and helps in the digestion. Its carminative action helps to combat with flatulence and intestinal gas and abdominal distention. It also has mild diuretic action, which helps to manage the dysuria (painful or difficult urination).

a) Never over dosage vinegar other wise it can cause sever side effects like headache, stomach upset, nausea.

  b) It is not to be consumed directly. Dilute it with 200 ml water before consumption.

  c) Sugar Patients can dilute 10 ml of Jamun Vinegar with AVG Vaidhyam Amrit Plus or AVG Mahayog for good results in  managing diabetes

  d) It should be kept out of reach of children below 10 years of age

   e) Pregnant women & Lactating mothers must consult their physicians/gynaecologists before consuming any vinegar product      

Jamun Vinegar can be used as other vinegar in cooking, but it actually has a great medicinal importance. It is used as a home remedy in many cases and Ayurveda recommends it in the management of abdominal diseases. It is beneficial in flatulence, gas, abdominal distension, bloating, diarrhea, dysuria etc. It is also recommended for diabetic patients to manage the hyperglycemia.

Jamun Vinegar (Jamun Sirka) is antihyperglycemic, but it does not decrease the blood sugar level beyond the normal range. Therefore, people taking Jamun Vinegar without any other allopathic medicines have never observed hypoglycemia.

It also acts as antibacterial, so it can inhibit the growth of many microbes involving in the occurrence of infections. Due to this property, it is indicated in urinary tract infections

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