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AVG Triphala Vital Plus

AVG Triphala Vital Plus
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AVG Herbal Ras- Green Ways For your Smart Health

"Unique & High Potency Herbal Extracts Derived From Green, Fresh, Ethnic & Oriented Quality Herbs Processed & Fortified with Fruit, Food, Rare Himalayan and Forest Herbs, Herbal Nectars and Fibers"

AVG Triphala Vital: Double Power: Double Action

AVG Triphala Vital is the most widely used classical Ayurvedic medicine, which is known for its many health benefits. It is a mixture of dried fruits of Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula), Amla (Emblica Officinalis), and Bibhitaki (Terminalia Bellirica), which are mixed in equal quantities. Triphala is an herbal compound, which has been used for many years as a home remedy for several ailments because of its effective healing powers. Its effects have often been compared to that motherly love and protection. There is more than enough evidence to prove the importance of Triphala. Triphala along with Aloe Vera and Mint has many healing powers.

Revives the Doctor within you… Reverses the Age and disease!

It corrects and revitalizes your digestive system and liver. It also manages your metabolism and helps in getting relief from chronic constipation, piles, and intestinal problems.

Colon cleanser and reliever of chronic constipation: – Triphala Vital is a mild laxative agent that cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and tones it up without habit forming. It also assists in cleansing the bowel without any cramps or discomfort. Thus, it is an elixir for people with acute and chronic constipation.

Helps in weight loss and controls obesity: – Triphala and Aloe Vera can both burn the fat in the body. They are useful in opening up micro-channels in the body, which ultimately helps in managing the fat and weight. The potion helps in proper digestion of food through proper absorption and fat metabolism.

Helps solving digestion problems: – Triphala Vital helps to regulate the digestive system. It also regularizes appetite, relieves hyperacidity, and lessens acid reflux, abdominal cramps, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), flatulence, constipation and piles. Triphala Vital helps to get rid of toxins and increases absorption by stimulating digestive tract mucosa.
Triphala can also be used to treat a few other chronic diseases like Diabetes, Arthritis, and pains, Cholesterol and heart problems, Chronic liver problems, and Skin and hair problems.

Triphala Vital is an ideal Rasayan
Rasayan is a mixture of medicinal ingredients, which strengthens the body, improves resistance, slows aging and increases lifespan when used on a daily basis. Triphala and Aloe Vera contain tannins, glycosides, and phenols, which are in charge of strong antioxidant activity besides being an immune modulator, and having anti-inflammation, anti-mutagenic and analgesic properties. Thus, it is the perfect Rasayan to a healthy and happy body.


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AVG Triphala Vital

Use of natural ingredients is the secret to good health according to the Indian practice of medicine. In the AVG Triphala Vital, you have a combination of the three most revered fruits in Ayurveda, the Haritaki, bibhitaki, and Amalaki. Each of these fruits has loads of health giving nutrients. In combination, they form a Rasayana that improves the longevity of the person who has this health tonic.

Augments the digestive system

Triphala is good for solving digestion problems. It stimulates the bowel movement and increases the rate of metabolism. The appetite increases and you see better digestion of food. If one increases the amount of Triphala one has beyond this level, the increase it the metabolic rate begins to digest the fat. The fat metabolism helps in the weight loss. For this reason, many people use Triphala juice for weight loss and experience better health.

Improves the bowel movement

The Triphala augments the bowel movement. So, you can use Triphala juice for constipation. Good bowel movement remains stimulated by the Triphala. This helps to rid all the leftover food and bacteria. In this way, it helps get rid of toxins that might otherwise accumulate within the body.

Helpful in relieving muscular pain

If you have any pains, use Triphala. Take one spoonful of the powder in a glass of water, before going to bed.

Improves the quality of blood

The Triphala stimulates the body to make more blood. At the same time, it makes the walls of the blood vessels to relax, thereby decreasing the blood pressure. This helps solve heart problems. The lipid levels drop due to the action of the Triphala on the fat and low density lipids. These undergo conversion into energy thereby increasing the amount of healthy high density lipoproteins in the blood. The Cholesterol comes under control easily.

Helps with weight loss

When you use Triphala weight loss occurs. This is due to the way the digestion of fats occurs when the metabolic rate increases beyond the normal average rate. The digestive system gets a boost when the gastrointestinal obstructions remain removed. It augments the relationship that exist between life and the stomach. One can use Triphala for weight loss due to the way it supports life and health. This is due to the action of Belleric Myrobalan or bibhitaki fruit in Triphala.

Helps detoxify the body

Triphala helps in reformation of tissues. It removes the toxins from the liver and improves the health of the liver. You can solve chronic liver problems by having two teaspoons of Triphala every morning. Soon, you will see a marked improvement in the health. This will result in lower toxins in the blood.

Use as a beauty solution

You can use Triphala to solve your skin and hair problems. The Triphala has antifungal properties. It has Vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids that promote growth and health of hair. It adds strength to the roots of the hair and makes the hair stronger. The effect of this health tonic will last for a couple of days only. So, you must take the Triphala good for hair at least once a week for good effect. When you use Triphala for hair, you can choose the powdered form. This will clear the dandruff and give strength to the split ends.

You can use Triphala for skin problems. It produces such a remarkable effect when applied to acne and for people with eczema. This is because the Triphala loves skin and does it best to give protective action. It will rejuvenate the skin and make it more youthful.

Preserves and nurtures the transition of the tissues within the body

The tissue chain within the body begins with the Rasa and moves to Rasaka or blood. From there is goes to Mamsa or muscles and Meda or fat. From there, it moves to Asthi or bones. Then, it moves to the Majja (bone marrow) and finally to Shukra or reproductive fluid. The action of Triphala is in preserving the smooth transition from one tissue to the next. It helps in moving out the wastes including the fats. The Triphala will repair any damage that occurs during the transition from one tissue to another. This is the most important of all the Triphala juice health benefits.

Relief from the symptoms of haemorrhoids

If you have problems with haemorrhoids, then you must use Triphala. To use Triphala juice for piles just mix two spoons in warm water and have it twice a day.

Triphala powder is one of the most potent herbal remedies in Indian medicine. People refer to it as the “nectar of life”. Since the Triphala is a mild laxative, one might experience diarrhoea during the starting phases of the treatment. If the symptoms persist, then stop use and consult your physician.

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