AVG Giloy Vital – Nectar of Life

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AVG Herbal Ras

AVG Giloy Vital”Unique & High Potency Herbal Extracts Derived From Green, Fresh, Ethnic & Oriented Quality Herbs Processed & Fortified with Fruit, Food, Rare Himalayan and Forest Herbs, Herbal Nectars and Fibers”


AVG Giloy Vital

The Amrita of Ayurveda & an Amrit for Health-The Nectar of life

Green Giloy stem juice Processed with Extra Power of Giloy Satav, Amla, Ashwagndha & Tulsi ‘Basil’. A Very Strong High Potency formulation ‘A Panacea for Whole body’, Managing all types of Fevers like dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, typhoid and their associated problems. It helps in improving Platelet count and managing uric acid thus helping in management of problems like Gout and Arthritis and also helps in Liver, Digestive disorders, Male & Female problems.

The Benefits of AVG Giloy Vital as per Ayurvedic texts

Giloy has antipyretic nature

Trust the Giloy plant to help you manage all kinds of fever. People use Giloy juice for chikungunya with good results. This is due to the anti-pyretic nature of the plant. You can use it for managing all types of fevers – Malaria, Dengue, Flu, and throat infections. Use of Giloy helps you overcome life-threatening symptoms fast.

Help lower sugar levels

You can use the Giloy juice for diabetes due to its natural property in lowering the blood sugar levels. This is due to the hypoglycaemic nature of Giloy. Just take some Giloy juice with buttermilk in the morning. This is useful for those who suffer from diabetes. In addition, it acts as an immunity-boosting agent so your body fights diseases better.

Improves the blood count

The Giloy juice augments the Platelet count and improve the blood flow. This is useful for those who are anaemic. This is done by augmenting the liver function in the body.

Helps flush toxins and waste

The Giloy root extract has mild laxative action. This helps flush out the toxins that accumulate in the body. People use Giloy juice for kidney. It promotes the health of the liver and the kidney and rejuvenates the metabolic system. By removing the wastes, the Giloy plant checks urinary and stone problems.

Helps lose weight

You can use the Giloy juice for weight loss. Use the Giloy juice immediately before a meal to get best results. This is one of the benefits of Giloy juice.

Improved bowel function

Giloy helps your digestion and makes the bowel movement better. Just take Giloy powder with some Amla juice and get the best results. This is one of the best Giloy Amla juice benefits. When you have digestive disorders, take Giloy juice with jaggery.

Lowers the cholesterol levels

Another effect of the Giloy plant is to lower the levels of harmful Low Density Lipids. Have a spoonful of Giloy powder twice a day to manage the levels of blood pressure and lipids.

Helps in reducing Uric Acid

Thus helping in reducing pains and managing diseases like Gout and Arthritis. It is Potent Immuno-Modulator. Anti-Inflammatory. Takes care of Arthritis Including Joint pains. Regulates Uric Acid Level thus Gout. Type of Fever:- Manages Fever like Malaria, Dengue, Flu & Throat Infections, Body Aches, also Helpful in Increasing the Platelet count Immunity Resistance Booster:- It acts as a Rejuvenator. Giloy is an Anti-Oxidant that Improves Health and fights Anti Bodies. Diabetes:- A hypoglycaemia Agent, can manage the levels of blood pressure and lipids, Manage high levels of blood sugar. Liver, Kidney, & Digestive System:- Giloy improves their Overall function. Aids Liver cell Regeneration, useful in Jaundice & other liver diseases and helps to remove Toxins from Liver & kidney both and It also checks Urinary & Stone Problems.

Fortification With Other Herbs

Ashwagandha, Amla Goose Berry, & Tulsi ‘Basil’ gives Nutritive & Healing Values to Giloy adding to efficacy & Potency of Giloy vital.

Composition & Ingredients

Composition of Each 10ml is as follows

Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia), Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica), Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Tulsi (Ocimum Tenuiflorum), added permited class Preservatives & additives q.s.


AVG Giloy Vital is useful for all age groups from growing children, women, elderly and men. It can be used regularly after diluting it with normal water.
Children, pregnant and lactating mothers should consult your doctors before Consumption
15-20 ml twice a day, diluted in 200-250 ml water or as prescribed by doctor (Details Inside The Packing).


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