AVG Jamun, Neem, Karela Plus Powder for Diabetes

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AVG Jamun Neem Karela Plus powder For management of Diabetes

Karela. Jamun,Neem, Vijaysar, Meshringi, Giloy are Ayurveda’s famous herbs for Managing Diabetes. Their active Ingredients are now widely approved world wide for their useful effects in controlling Diabetes. Fortification of this formula with Arjuna, Triphala, Gokshru has strong Protective, Corrective and Rejuvenative effects on vital organs like Heart. Liver, Kidneys & Digestive system. Natural Nutrients of many of these Herbs are strong Anti-oxidants & rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber. Boosting Immunity, Energy, Vigour & Vitality and over all wellness.

AVG Products are used by Many people across India for their effectiveness and quality. Our products are made from Fresh, Green and oriented quality herbs so as to derive maximum benefits out of them.

Each 100gm:- Jamun (syzygium cumini) 20gm, Meshahringi (gymnema sylvestre) 5gm, Vijaysar (pterocarpus marsupium) 5gm, Arjuna (terminalia arjuna) 10gm, Karela (momordia charantia ) 20gm, Neem (azadirachta indica) 5gm, Giloy (tinospora cordifolia) 5gm, Fenugreek (trigonella foenum) 8gm, Gokshru (tribulus terrestris) 4gm, Punarva (boerhavia diffusa) 4gm, Fennel seeds (foeniculum vulgare)  4gm Triphala (AF1)10gm.

Dosage:- 10-15gm (2-3 tsp) mixed in a glass of water (150-200ml.), 20-25 minute before or after meals twice or thrice a day or as advised by the physician.

Precautions:-Already sick or children less than 5 years should consult their doctor before using this product. Keep this pack at room temperature.


People, who are on insulin, must seek advice from their doctors before taking AVG Jamun, Neem, Karela Powder Plus. Make sure that you get the dosage right. Women who are expecting are also advised to consult their gynaecologist before taking this product.


As this product is made wholly from herbal ingredients, without any metallic constituents, it is purely nontoxic and also very safe for use for a longer period. Also, anyone can take it as it helps to prevent diabetes.

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