Special herbs to cure kidney stones

Special herbs to cure kidney stones. Kidney stones are basically the solid material deposited in the kidneys. The kidneys are the main organ of our body. They help to detox our body and remove all the impurities from the blood and pull out the waste material from our body. They help to pass on the waste material, excess water and toxins to the urinary tract which will flush them off through urine. Kidney stones occur due to the improper functioning of the kidneys in removing waste products and excess water. The unprocessed minerals, nutrients form stones in the kidneys.

The common symptoms of kidney stones are abdominal pain, pain during urine, excess sweating, nausea, fever, bleeding during urine. The size of the kidney stones may vary i.e. some may be small or some may be large. There are several medicines to remove stones from the kidney but natural way is the best to cure kidney stones. AVG Kidney and Stone Care contains natural herbs that help in curing kidney stones. The herbs that are included in AVG Kidney and Stone Care are as follows:-

Special herbs to cure kidney stones

kidney stones herbs

  1. Withania somnifera:-This herb belongs to the solanaceae family and in Hindi it is known as Ashwagandha. The antioxidants, bioactive compounds present in withania somnifera herb helps to stop increasing the free radicals formation and destroy them properly. It is diuretic and used in curing urinary problems. It helps to get rid from the urinary pain and abdominal pain. It has anti-inflammatory property which reduces the bacteria and waste material from the body.
  2. Commiphora mukul extract: – It is an herb which is used in ayurvedic medicine and also known as guggul gum. From ancient times this herb is known to dissolve the salts like calcium phosphate, calcium pyrophosphate which help in the formation of stones in the kidneys. It helps to provide relieve ion the pain caused by the kidney stones. It ensures the proper functioning of the immune system. It helps to eliminate the dead tissues, waste material, toxins from the body.
  3. Colchicum luteum:-It belongs to the liliaceae family. This herb acts as a laxative which helps in improving the digestive system. This ayurvedic herb used to treat all the kidney and liver related problems. This is the best for the patients who suffer from the urinary problems. This is used to absorb all the nutrients from the food and helps in digesting them properly. It helps in curing kidney stones by absorbing nutrients and eliminates the toxins from the body.
  4. Curcuma longa:- This is the herb which is also known as turmeric. It has anti-inflammatory property that helps to remove the stones from the kidneys. It helps to treat the chronic kidney diseases. It has the property that prevents the formation of stones by reducing the calcium to form calcium phosphate. It is the best tonic for blood purifier and cures all the stomach related problems. It helps to digest the food properly so that no stones can be formed in the kidneys.
  5. Zingiber officinale:-It is known as ginger in English. It helps to dissolve the kidney stones. It acts as a cleanser for the liver and kidney as it helps to clean all the bad bacteria from the kidney. It helps to cure the symptoms of kidney stones like nausea, vomiting. It helps with the indigestion problem. Improper digestion of food can lead to the formation of kidney stones and zingiber officinale helps in digesting the food and prevent the kidney stones.

6.       Pluchea Lanceolata:- This herb belongs to the asteraceae family. In Hindi, it is known as rayasan. The leaf and stem both are used for medicinal purposes. It helps in providing relief in

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