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Secret tips of drinking Neem, Karela and Jamun juice for obesity

Secret tips of drinking Neem, Karela and Jamun juice for obesity

Obesity is a condition in which a person gains excess fat in the body which shows negative effect on our health. People get obese when their body mass index gets high and unable to perform their regular work. Obesity generally caused due to excess food intake, lack of exercise or physical activity, genetic or due to any diseases symptoms. Obesity can treat by changing the diet, exercising, avoid eating the junk food or high fat consumed food. Consume the energy providing drinks and food items which can provide proper nutrition to the body.


The ayurvedic treatment for obesity is neem, jamun and karela juice. The combinations of these three herbs do wonders with the health. They not only help to cure obesity but also cure various problems related to our health. Karela which is known as bitter gourd has bitter taste and contains several nutrition and therapeutic elements which shows beneficial effects to our health. Jamun is a fruit which has vitamin C, B, A, calcium, phosphorus, manganese which helps in treating several diseases. Neem is an herb which has antibacterial, antifungal properties that help to kill all the bacteria from our body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for obesity with Neem, Karela and Jamun Juice

  1. Less calorie – Neem, Karela, Jamun juice contains less calorie which helps in curing obesity. This juice helps in providing proper nutrition with less calorie consumption to the body. It is rich in dietary fiber.


  1. Nutritious drink – This is known as nutritious drink as it contains several nutrients, vitamins, calcium, magnesium which helps in fulfilling the deficiency of nutrition in the body. The juice contains twice the calcium element of spinach and twice the potassium of banana.


  1. Weight loss – Drinking the neem, karela, jamun juice on an empty stomach helps in removing the excess weight. It increases the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body which enhances the loss of weight. It also acts as a detoxifier which removes all the unwanted material from the body.


  1. Antibacterial property – As neem, karela, jamun juice has antibacterial and antifungal property that helps in killing the bad bacteria from our body and helps in curing obesity. The antibacterial property keeps our body bacterial and fungal free and makes us fit and healthy.


  1. Maintains sugar level – Sometimes obesity problem arises due to increase in the blood sugar level. It can only be cured when our sugar level gets down and this juice helps in curing the obesity problem. It increases the beta cells in pancreas and these cells help in secreting insulin. When insulin gets high then blood sugar level goes down and then obesity will automatically get decrease.


  1. Improves immunity: – Neem, karela and jamun have antioxidants which enhances the body metabolism to fight with the disease. It prevents our liver, stomach, kidney through several diseases. Consuming juice regularly protects the body from various diseases and their infections.


  1. Digestion: – This juice enhances the bile secretion which facilitates healthy digestion. Karela has anthelmintic property that protects the gut from infections of worms and encourages good bacteria and remove bad bacteria from the body. This can help in treating obesity problem.


  1. Reduces fat: – Neem, karela, jamun juice helps in reducing the excess fat from the body. It contains alkaloids, fatty acids which prevent in the formation of fat. The obesity can be managed by drinking this juice regularly and reducing the body fat. The stomach helps in consuming the nutrients from the food and flush off all the waste from the body through which fat cannot be formed in the body.


jamun neem karela for digestionDrinking the neem, karela, jamun juice regularly helps to fight with the diseases and provides energy. It provides overall good health and useful for glowing and clear skin.