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Wonderful benefits of Giloy for Dengue Treatment

Wonderful benefits of Giloy for Dengue Treatment

Wonderful benefits of Giloy for Dengue Treatment :- Dengue is one of the dangerous diseases in the world. Dengue is transmitted from the bite of mosquito. As there is no scientific treatment of dengue and it can only be known by reading the blood platelet of a patient. It is a very deadly disease if not treated at the proper time. The warning signs or symptoms of dengue are vomiting, fever, nose bleeding, abdominal pain, decrease in the platelet count, swollen glands, nausea, headaches. When it becomes severe it causes stomach pain, bleeding gums, breathing problem, cold, irritation and bleed during urine.

Giloy is an herb which is used in ayurveda from centuries. Giloy is an anti-inflammatory herb which is also known as Guduchi or Amrita. The stem of giloy is used in treating several diseases like swine flu, fever, malaria, urinary tract infections and many more. It has antipyretic, antibacterial, antifungal properties that help to kill the bad bacteria from the body and prevent from infections.


   Giloy for Dengue Treatment

  1. Enhance macrophages: – The ayurvedic herb giloy has the ability to kill the cells which increases the foreign bodies’ cell in our body. It enhances the killing ability of macrophages. Giloy helps to decrease the rate of bacteria formation and reduces the effect caused by the bacteria.


  1. Reduce infection: – Giloy has antispasmodic property which helps in treating the infection caused due to the dengue. It treats the symptoms of dengue and prevents the formation of infection in the body. The bitter taste of giloy provides relief from the pain caused by dengue.


  1. Increase the blood count: – In starting stage of dengue, giloy cures the fever and increase the blood platelet count. It lowers down the body temperature and also protects the liver from the infection. The antioxidants purify the blood naturally and also detoxify.


  1. Improves immune system: – Giloy is a herb which improves our immune system naturally by increasing the white blood cells in our body. The antiperiodic property prevents from recurrence of this infectious disease.


  1. Detoxify: – It act as a detoxifying agent. It removes all the harmful and waste material from our body. It flushes out all the waste products from kidney and liver. It clears all the toxins from our body. The cleansing property of giloy helps our body to fight against bacteria that causes the diseases and infections in our body.


  1. Cures fever: – Giloy is a trusted herb to cure all kinds of fever. It proves best to cure the fever to the dengue or chikungunya patients. The antipyretic nature of giloy herb is used to overcome the symptoms of dengue disease. Consumption of giloy helps to increase the blood platelets which reduce the effects of fever from the body.


  1. Boost immunity: – The giloy contains vital minerals, vitamins, nutrients, calcium, glycosides, alkaloids which flushes out all the waste material from the body and boost the immunity power. The weakness due to dengue can be treated by using giloy as it fulfills all the nutrients needed to our body and enhances immunity.


  1. Reduces symptoms: – Giloy has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory property that reduces the symptoms of dengue. The effects that formed by dengue disease can be cured by consumption of giloy. It provides relief in the stomach, abdominal pain by flushing out all the toxins from the body and detoxifies the liver and stomach.

giloy for dengueIn this article, we have mentioned how giloy is useful in treating dengue. It is a very infectious disease which should be treated by the time otherwise it will become deadly diseases and it cannot be treated properly. It helps to maintain a balance between all the three doshas that keep our body fit and healthy.