Things that Amla Juice Can Do for Eyes and Hair

Amla juice contains a lot of vitamin c content which any other drink doesn’t have. It boosts our immunity power and prevents us from several diseases. Amla contains several minerals, iron, vitamins, calcium and phosphorus. It makes us strong from internally and provides power to fight diseases.


Amla juice has a plenty of health benefits which protect us from disease. Amla juice helps to balance all three doshas i.e. vata, pitta, kapha. It helps to improve the digestive system, provides clear and glowing skin, strengthens hair growth and improves eyesight. Drinking Amla juice regularly can help to fight with several diseases and improves our immunity power.


Amla for Eyes and Hair

  1. Reduces hair fall problem – Amla contains large volume of vitamin c, protein, so by drinking the Amla juice can reduce the hair fall problem. Hair fall arises due to insufficient amount of vitamin c and iron in the body, stress, poor diet and Amla helps to reduce these problems. The phyto nutrient element available in Amla can help in the growth of hair and reduce the hair fall.


  1. Helps in premature graying – Nowadays due to lack of time we all use dryers to dry our hairs dry that cause dryness to the hair. Excessive use of blowers, hair curls, and coloring through chemicals takes all the natural color and oil from the hair. Amla is antimicrobial and antibacterial, so by drinking Amla juice regularly can help to prevent from the premature of hair. When our hair follicles does not produce melanin then our hair color turns grey, white.


  1. Provides shining to the hair – The direct exposure of sun rays to the hair can damage them properly. The ultra violet rays of the sun can takes away the natural moisture from the hair and leaves the hair dull and frizzy. Amla juice can protect our hair from the damage and repair them from internally and gives shining to the hair.


  1. Improves eyesight – Nowadays everyone suffers from eyesight problem. By doing regular work on laptop our eye muscles get weak and to strengthen them Amla is very helpful. Daily Consumption of Amla helps to improve our eyesight, removes itching, redness problem and provides a better vision.


  1. Eye muscle stronger – Amla juice contains high amount of vitamins which makes our eyes muscle stronger. It protects our eyes from viewing the things. Drinking Amla juice regularly can make eye muscle healthier and stronger.


  1. Prevent from cataract – Doctors also recommend to drink Amla juice daily to protect your eyes from cataract problem. It helps to remove the free radicals which prevent our eyes from cataract. Consumption of Amla juice can help to solve the cataract problem easily and keep our eyes fit.


  1. Relax the eyes – Due to stress, our eyes gets affected and gets tired. The problem of eye irritation, redness and puffiness can be cured by consumption of Amla juice regularly. It provides coolness and calms our eyes. When our eyes get tired, swelling appears around the eyes and can be cured through Amla juice.


amla for eyes and hairAmla is a fruit which is very nutritious and healthy for our whole body. Eyes are the very sensitive organ of our body which needs special care and attention. Amla helps in curing the conjunctivitis and other eye infections. It is very useful in improving the eyesight and makes clear vision.



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